Quality Building Products from a Socially Responsible Company

Quality Building Products from a Socially Responsible Company.

When you choose US Polymers you’re choosing products that are made in the USA by a company that’s dedicated to quality, value and social responsibility.

At US Polymers our research and development efforts keep us at the leading edge, with eco-friendly and maintenance-free products that are 100% recyclable. In fact, we recycle over a million pounds of our polyvinyl material every year! And by constructing these long-lasting building products out of polyvinyl instead of wood, we avoid all of the environmental problems associated with paint, lead, sealants and VOCs.

All our products are built to the highest quality standards.  Our manufacturing facilities adhere to ISO9001 principals and meet all ASTM standards, ensuring reliable high-quality products for you.  We back our products with industry leading warranties and guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with their purchase of our products.

We’re proud to manufacture our products in Southern California, creating employment and opportunities here in the USA.